Tracing your Roots in Ireland

Genealogy can quickly become an absorbing hobby, but it is not a sport for impatient or impetuous souls! The best progress is made by reducing the overall project into a number of discrete tasks, and then systematically processing each task in a conscientious and methodical manner. Far from being a mindless robotic trawl of dusty tomes, as is often portrayed, real genealogy invariably challenges the most alert mind to unravel seemingly insoluble problems with lateral thinking. Conflicting information abounds and nothing may be taken for granted.

Our members come from a wide variety of family backgrounds and each member is faced with a unique set of challenges - some easy, others not so easy. At one end of the spectrum, there are native Irish members who have been brought up on the home farm where the family has lived for many generations, and who can rattle off the names of their ancestors without pausing to concentrate. At the other end of the spectrum, there are members living abroad who have little or no information beyond their parents, and who have no idea whereabouts in Ireland their ancestors lived. Most members fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes and face common challenges that can be addressed by a series of easy-to-follow steps.

Here are the basic steps:-

If you have less than the usual amount of information, here is your best route:

If you have more than the usual amount of information, here is your best route:

Here are ten additional suggestions for your campaign in Ireland :-

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