Flannery / Flannelly regions


The Munster sept of Flannerys originated in the barony of Connello, and dispersed to east County Limerick, north-west County Tipperary and east County Clare. This sept appears to have spread from Clare up into County Galway, and from Tipperary over into County Offaly.

The Connaught sept of Flannerys originated in the barony of Tirawley in north County Mayo, and may have spread down into County Galway.

The sept of Flannellys originated in the barony of Tireragh in north County Sligo, and spread over into County Mayo.

Click on the links below to view the geographical location of the three baronies of Connelloe, Tirawley and Tireragh. All three of these locations are places of outstanding natural scenery and well worth a visit. The last link provides a map showing the civil parishes which featured Flannerys / Flannellys in the early - mid nineteenth century prior to mass emigration.

  • Barony of Connello

  • Barony of Tirawley

  • Barony of Tireragh

  • Parishes of Flannerys / Flannellys during the Great Famine

  • Base maps courtesy of "A new genealogical atlas of Ireland" by Brian Mitchell (Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc., Baltimore, Maryland 1996).