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Flannery Clan

Clann Fhlannabhra


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The Flannery Clan is a modern cultural society representing the descendants of various distinct septs or tribes of people, including Ó Flannabhra of Uí Fiachrach Muaidhe in Connaught, Ó Flannabhra of Uí Fidhghente in Munster, and Ó Flannghaile of Uí Fiachrach Muaidhe.

The Flannery Clan has much in common with many Irish families, and is consequently quite representative of the typical Irish Clan. The similarities, which are discussed fully in the text, are characterised by the following traits :-

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The recent rise in living standards over the past few decades has provided many Flannerys, both native and diasporic, with the opportunity of revisiting their origins to regain their heritage. This has been greatly facilitated in recent years by the current technological age of global information sharing via the internet.

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This website has been produced by the Flannery Clan, and will hopefully constitute a modest contribution to the body of knowledge shared by the family members. It cannot hope to be a complete and full account of our family history, but hopes to provide a few pieces of the puzzle.

All of the information contained in this website has been gleaned from either personal sources (oral lore, family bibles, etc.) or published sources (parish registers, books, newspapers, internet, etc.). Whilst accuracy in every detail cannot be strictly guaranteed, considerable effort has been spent validating from primary sources and cross-references.

Finally, if we may borrow the words of the scholar Thomas Flannery (1846 - 1916) : 'I daresay the sharp eye of the critic may discover a fault here and there - I hope he that points out one will also help me to correct it.' In the same spirit, please note that all corrections and additional information will be gratefully received.

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