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Flannery Clan

Clann Fhlannabhra

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What is an Irish Clan? | What is the Flannery Clan? | Who can join? | What does the Flannery Clan actually do?
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  • What is an Irish Clan?

  • At a very basic level, a Clan is a group of people who share either common ancestry or a common surname. Traditionally, there are two types of Clan. One type is a group of people with the same surname, but who are not necessarily related to each other. The other type is a group of people who are related to each other, but do not necessarily share the same surname. Historically, the Clan system was popular amongst the Gaelic-speaking tribes (Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Breton) and has survived with varying degrees of success to this day.

    The growing influence of the Gaelic League at the turn of the twentieth century rekindled an interest in Gaelic culture and prompted the current cultural revival. The first modern Irish Clans were formed in the latter half of the twentieth century, and today they function as special interest groups which actively safeguard their cultural heritage.

    Irish Clans are somewhat similar to genealogical societies or One Name Societies - but with an additional social dimension which is unique. In recognition of the special rôle which Irish Clans play within the national cultural revival, the Irish Government has granted them charitable status.

  • What is the Flannery Clan?

  • The Flannery Clan (Clann Fhlannabhra in Irish) is a collection of people who can claim descent from a Flannery / Flannelly, and may be descended from any of the various component septs. We formally registered the Flannery Clan on 1st January 1999, and we were awarded charitable status (CHY 13530) on 29th November 1999. Foundation membership (up to 1st December 1998) was one hundred and seventy-five souls scattered across Ireland, England, U.S.A., Canada and Australia; our membership has since spread to Argentina, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Oman and Scotland.

  • Who can join?

  • Membership is open to everyone of Flannery / Flannelly ancestry; and includes partners, spouses and children. It is firmly understood that there are many spelling variations of the name around the world (especially in the U.S.A. where spelling variants Flanary and Flanery are common) and all phonetically similar variations are deemed valid. It does not matter how far back the ancestry occurred in either the male or female line, nor does it matter if the name is not your current surname (i.e. maiden names, etc.).

  • What does the Flannery Clan actually do?

  • The Flannery Clan organises cultural activities and events. These may be broadly divided into RESEARCH and RECREATION.

    Recreation : The Clan organises Clan Rallies at frequencies and venues to suit the members. These gatherings are social outings where people can eat, drink and make merry. They are the ideal excuse to travel to interesting places and enjoy the company of interesting people. A number of cultural activities are usually organised at these gatherings to suit member's expressed preferences.

    Research : The Clan offers assistance to anyone interested in tracing their ancestors by co-ordinating the efforts of family historians. There are numerous websites detailing genealogical sources - the Clan tells you where to find them. A lot of research has already been done - the Clan helps you avoid re-inventing the wheel by putting you in touch with established trail-blazers. Archive records are spread out all over the world - the Clan gives you the benefit of all centralised records, and puts you in touch with members in your areas of interest. In 2003, we initiated a Y-DNA project that helps members to trace their roots even when conventional records no longer exist

  • Do I have to pay for membership?

  • Yes, but just a token. The Flannery Clan is a registered charity staffed by volunteers and is not a commercial venture. There is a nominal annual subscription which is put towards the production of a quarterly newsletter, occasional publications, project research fees, membership drives, mailshots etc. Whilst we would be very reluctant to decline an application from a prospective member who could not afford the subscription, we seek EUR 6.25 (US$8) per adult - or EUR 12.50 (US$16) per family - and will gratefully accept any available donations.

  • What do I get for my money?

  • All new members receive a decorative membership certificate, genealogical record sheets, and are automatically entitled to purchase Flannery Clan publications at cost price.

    An informative quarterly newsletter entitled "Floreat Arbor" is issued to all subscribing members of the Flannery Clan around the globe, and helps to keep everyone abreast of research development and social events. Regular features include a topical editorial; progress reports on membership, archives, gatherings, website; and special features on items of specific interest to members.

    The Winter quarterly includes an annual Research Supplement which lists the individual research interests of all of our members. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only research directory in the world which is specific to Flannery / Flannelly research!

    Members are cordially invited to attend our Clan Gatherings around the world. The next Clan Gathering is scheduled to be held in County Sligo over the last weekend in July 2015. Our Clan Gatherings reflect the interests of Flannerys / Flannellys from the chosen location - which normally alternates between Munster and Connaught - and they also reflect the general interests of Flannerys / Flannellys around the world. All members are welcome to attend these events.

    The Flannery Clan is actively researching relevant historical and genealogical information, and compiling a comprehensive database to which everyone is welcome to both contribute and consult. Members receive advice with their own personal research, and also receive priority in the overall research programme. In due course, individual family trees shall be correlated for reference.

    In the long run, members individually make a significant contribution to, and ultimately derive benefit from, the collective fund of family history which will be available for future generations. In the process, members are afforded numerous opportunities to attend convivial social gatherings at home and abroad.

  • How do I join?

  • If you are interested, contact the Flannery Clan by phone, fax,
    email, or post, and ask to join. It's that simple. All eligible applications are accepted. Annual subscriptions fall due on 1st January and may be paid by cash or cheque - made out to The Flannery Clan (Account No. 24006050) - or paid online using PayPal. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Contact . . . Lorcán J. O'Flannery
    Phone . . . . +353 1 4592451 (home)
    Email . . . . oflannery@eircom.net
    Address . . . Flannery Clan, 81 Woodford Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Ireland.

    Registered Charity CHY 13530

  • Online payments

  • All payments (charitable donations, book purchases, membership dues or annual subscriptions) may be paid online using PayPal. Please click
    HERE to make a payment by PayPal.

    Please check with your local tax office for details of claiming tax relief on charitable donations: the Flannery Clan is a registered charity CHY 13530. Your support is greatly appreciated.