Y-DNA Project


Please note that this particular DNA test is for men only! Don't blame us; Mother Nature makes the rules! Only males have the Y-Chromosome which is passed from father to son from one generation to the next along with the surname, so Y-DNA testing is confined to men sharing the Flannery / Flannelly surname (and the recognised phonetically similar forms of these names). Women may participate indirectly by recruiting the services of a male Flannery / Flannelly relation (brother, uncle, cousin etc.), as may men who do not bear the surname.

Men who are direct descendants of a Flannery / Flannelly in the male line but who no longer bear the surname because of legal action (adoption, deed poll etc.) are also eligible to take the test. Men who bear the surname Flannery / Flannelly because of legal action but are not direct descendants of a Flannery / Flannelly in the male line are allowed to take the test but are cautioned that it is unlikely that they will match any other participants in the project.

What About Privacy?

All participants (and their DNA samples) are assigned code numbers, and only the project co-administrators can match names to results.

Are There Any Conditions?

In order for the project to run smoothly, we have established a few basic ground rules :-

  • We initially adopted the 25-markers test, and do not encourage members to take just the 12-markers test. This is because the 12-markers test on its own does not provide sufficiently detailed information. The 37-markers test offers significant advantages by separating branches of families within each group, and we have now upgraded all of our tests. We are currently monitoring the 67-markers test, but have no immediate plans to upgrade to this level. Participants are not encouraged to upgrade.

  • We bestow honorary life membership on all participants. This is because each and every test result helps us to form a vital core of information for present and future members.

  • All participating clan members must sign a waiver permitting their information to be shared within the clan. Please note that summary information shall be published, but personal information shall not be passed outside the clan.

  • All members who participate must pay their own test fee (approx. EUR 120 / US$150). Payment must be sent directly to the testing agency along with the test sample; no test fee should be sent to the clan.

  • Any results which might give rise to embarrassment shall be kept strictly confidential, and shall not even be shared within the clan.

    How To Proceed?

    If you are interested in participating, then please register online at the testing agency's website (www.familytreedna.com). Alternatively, you may contact the Flannery Clan Y-DNA Project Co-administrators (Lorcán, Maureen and Mike) directly by either email or post (81 Woodford Drive, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Ireland). Please be sure to give your full name and postal address. You will then be sent a waiver form to complete and return before your test kit is issued.

    Many of us rightly regard this exercise as a unique opportunity to buttress previous research (based on primary and secondary sources) with definitive scientific evidence. We hope that the majority of Flannerys and Flannellys around the world recognise the importance of this project, and support the Flannery Clan Y-DNA Project by taking the test or making a donation (or both!).

    It is not necessary to understand the scientific theory behind the project (in the same way that it is not necessary to understand the scientific theory behind the internal combustion engine in order to drive a car), but the following links provide a crash course on the basic technology to suit all levels. Don't forget to contact the team if you have any queries about any aspect of the project.

    Theory (beginners) | Theory (intermediate) | Theory (advanced)

    Project | Reports | Tabulated Results | Charts